Fenn Elite S

There seems to be a new surfski model from Fenn that is going to hit the market soon. The Fenn Elite S. The Elite S is rumoured to be a low volyme model of the normal Fenn Elite with some changes in the cockpit that is also moved forward as well as the rudder. These changes will make the Elite S more suitable for smaller paddlers and improved surf characteristics.

No available specs of the the new Fenn Elite S so far


Will Jasper or Dawid Mocke win the world series in Surfski?

All the best surfski paddlers are aiming for the big race in Hong Kong next saturday. I’m expecting a very close and hard race. Besides the Mocke Brothers there are a couple of great surfski paddlers who can win on Saturday. Sean Rice, Jeremy Cotter, Hank the Tank McGregor and of course Tim Jacobs. It will also be very interesting to follow the battle between Dawid and Jasper. Will the World Series be determind already on saturday?

New models from Fenn Kayaks

Fenn Kayaks has launched three new surfskis into the market. Very interesting models and Fenn Kayaks will now attract even more surfski paddlers, from complete beginners to advanced. They are called BLUE-FIN, SPARK and GLIDE.


The new entyl level is called BLUE-FIN and is a surfski that allows a paddler to surfski immediately and learn balance later. It is the most stable surfski that still act as a surfski and not as an seakayak. It will make the transition from seakayaking to surfski easy. It is also suitable for complete beginners. The BLUE-FIN has the following specs:

• 34cm Highest point
• 44cm Seat width
• 53cm Total width
• 590cm Length


The new ELITE SPARK is a low volume version of the ELITE for paddlers under the 80kg weight range and less than 6ft in hight. It has kept the brilliant downwind abilities from the ELITE. The ELITE SPARK has the following specs:

• 29cm Highest poin
• 37cm Seat width
• 42.5cm Total width
• 644cm Length


The new ELITE GLIDE is an advanced surfski that really goes well on the flat and in small water in the open sea. It will also have really good downwind abilities. The Glide will be faster but less stable on flat water compared to the Elite but more stable than the SL. The ELITE GLIDE has the following specs:

• 36cm Highest point
• 38.5cm Seat width
• 42.5cm Total width
• 644cm Length

Jasper Mocke victorius in Greece

Jasper Mocke showed once again that he will be the man of the future in the surfski world when he won the Aegean Ocean Surfski Race 2012 in Greece. Five Fenn paddlers among the top 10 list. Great work!

Top 10 Results Men

1 01:19:41 Jasper Mocke South Africa Fenn
2 01:19:54 Dane Sloss Australia Allwave
3 01:21:52 Kiko Vega Spain Zedtech
4 01:22:52 Daniel Sanchez Viloria Spain Allwave
5 01:24:21 Luis Amando Perez Blanco Spain Zedtech
6 01:24:36 Michael Dobler Germany Fenn
7 01:25:26 Agustin Ordonez Bianco Spain Fenn
8 01:25:34 Roland Lebeau France Fenn
9 01:26:03 Paul Eyquem France Fenn
10 01:28:41 Gergely Hadvina Hungary Zedtech

Results Women

1 01:38:40 Angie Mouden France
2 01:53:32 Alexandra Georgopoulou Greece Zedtech

Jasper Mocke was the fastest in Sardinia

Jasper Mocke won the Ohana Mana Cup in Sardinia followed by Simon Van Gysen and Dane Sloss. 12 Fenn surfskis among the top 20. Great results! Dominic Notten from SA won the under 23 in a Fenn Elite SL. He is just 18 years old. Someone to keep an eye for the next coming years.

Results top 20 Ohana Mana Cup


1 South Africa
Jasper Mocke Fenn 1.36,30
2 South Africa
SimonVan Gysen Allwave 1.37,14
3 Australia
Dane Sloss Allwave 1.39,14
4 South Africa
Scott Rutherfoord Fenn 1.42,50
5 France
Le Roux Benoit Okrea 1.43,28
6 Spain FedericoVega Suarez Epic 1.44,48
7 Germany
Harbrecht Gordan Epic 1.44,59
8 South Africa
Dominic Notten Fenn 1.45,41
9 South Africa
Craig Flanagan Allwave 1.45,48
10 Spain
Luis Amado Perez Blanco Epic 1.46,10
11 Germany
Thomas Zachert Fenn 1.46,38
12 Sweden Tommy Karls Fenn 1.47,26
13 France Roland Lebeau Fenn 1.48,06
14 Germany Michael Dobler Fenn 1.48,06
15 Australia Mark Minchin Fenn 1.48,50
16 Australia
Billy Bain Fenn 1.49,05
17 Spain Daniel Sanchez Viloria Fenn 1.49,30
18 Italy Mariano Bifano Allwave 1.49,42
19 Germany Steffen Burkhardt Epic 1.50,13
20 Italy
Paolo Sfamani Fenn 1.50,21


Hank McGregor finished 2:nd in Classic Eurochallenge Race 2012

Hank Mcgregor finished in 2nd place in first the classic race of Eurochallenge 2012. Jeremy Cotter finished in 4th place and Dawid Mocke finished in 5th place.

It was a close race were a group of four rushed to the lead. Sean RIce made move and had a lead. But after he headed for the wrong bouy on his ay back the others could catch in on him. Simon van Gysen won the race.

Tomorrow is the downwind race. The second race in Eurochallenge. The points from this race will be counted in the World Ocean Series.


  1. Simon Van Gysen, South Africa, (Allwave CX)
  2. Hank McGregor, SA, (Fenn Elite SL)
  3. Sean Rice, SA, (Think Uno Max)
  4. Jeremy Cotter, Australia, (Fenn Elite SL)
  5. Dawid Mocke, SA, (Fenn Elite SL)
  6. Michael Booth, Aus, (Think Uno Max)

Jeremy Cotter wins King of the Harbour 2012

Jeremy Cotter wins the 2012 surfski race King of the harbour in Auckland, New Zealand. The race is 23 km and in decent downwind conditions Jeremy Cotter finished 1.25.42 (average speed of 16.1 km/h) with a margin of 2.18 min in front of Paul Green and Mark Andreson finished on third place.

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